4 Steps To Help You Get Through Major Change And Come Out On Top

4 Steps To Help You Get Through Major Change And Come Out On Top

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4 Steps To Help You Get Through Major Change And Come Out On Top

A few years ago it felt like everything that could go wrong was going wrong in my life.

Landlords at the building where my business was situated sold my lease out from under me and I was forced to close and sell off the assets.

At the same time I had been in the process of moving my home and one problem after another popped up that delayed the closing.


Life was chaotic and my emotions were vacillating wildly. I was in the midst of a hurricane of change – and most of that change was not initiated by me.

I know I am not alone. You too will have times when life feels not just challenging but overwhelming.

There will be times when it seems that no matter what you say or do, you cannot create a shift in circumstances that will bring balance back into your heart and your life.


I often think of chaos – those times when life just seems a mess – as a window into the workings of the universe.

Chaos contains the dual forces of destruction and creation engaged in their dance of transformation.

I have found that when chaos appears in my life I am being initiated into a metamorphosis; and all initiation brings up fear, doubt and a sense of powerlessness.

So when chaos appears in your life remember you are going through an initiation into a new way of being and that you are never powerless.

What may appear as chaos is often the universe at work in your life, moving you along your path of destiny.


So how do you handle those times when life is turned upside down? How do you find your center in the midst of the storm?

These aren’t easy questions and transformation is not a comfortable, easy process.

Chaos is a marker that it is time for your life to move in a new direction – maybe in your work in the world – maybe in your family relationships – maybe in the letting go of self-destructive habits – maybe in how you treat yourself.

If you remember that there is a Divine order to your life then you can weather the times of chaos knowing the storm will end, skies will clear and you will be in a new place in your heart and mind as the rainbow appears.


Here are four steps that have worked for me to move through times of major unexpected change:

Ask for help – from spirit, family, friends, or qualified objective third parties. Ask, ask, ask!

Maybe you are someone who always gives to others but finds it difficult to ask for help. If so, then this is part of your process of transformation.

The ability to ask for help lets the universe know you are willing to receive. So ask, and ask again.

Release self-blame and judgement – real change takes a lot of energy so don’t spend it beating yourself up and realize that you are just going through a major change.

Be gentle with yourself and take things one day at a time. Find time to breathe deeply as you connect with spirit and work with affirmations that support you thought this time.

Affirm “I now release all that no longer serves me.” I find this affirmation is a very powerful one because it allows me to trust that even those experiences and behaviors that I might not know don’t serve me can be lifted from my energy.

Affirm “I am always safe, loved and protected in a Divine embrace.” Say this affirmation multiple times a day as you go through change.

Change (especially chaotic change) can be scary.

Keep affirming that you are not alone. You have a Divine support team working with you. I love this affirmation so much that I still use it daily.


As you work through the major change, know that you will soon be shown your new direction even if not apparent now.

The unknown eventually reveals itself if we are patient. So getting through the chaos of major unexpected change is a process of acceptance and trust.

It isn’t easy to demonstrate that trust when chaos shows up in your life; but it is the perfect time to remember what really matters to you.

When you do that you find the key to a life of renewed health, joy and purpose.

So allow the old to be dismantled to open up space in your life for the new to emerge.

Know that it will.

Know that you are not alone as you change and that your intuition and inner wisdom will guide you.

Remember that you are always in the process of becoming.

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