6 Ways to Be a Better Person

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There are numerous ways to make yourself a better person.

And to say ‘be better’ can also mean a lot of things.

But in this article, when I say ‘be better,’ I mean in an all-encompassing way. I’ll show you what I mean.

Let’s start.

6 Ways to Be a Better Person

Stop Complaining

Complaining never solves problems. It just saps out your energy and the energy of people around you.

The trick to stopping complaining is to practice awareness. When and where do you find yourself complaining too much? What’s happening when you complain? What triggers your complaints?

Complaining becomes a bad habit…

…and it’s because people fail to see the opportunity with the challenges they face.

When you become aware…

…your mind can now filter through the situation and see the proverbial glass half-full.

You’ll be able to see the opportunities behind your challenges.

Face Your Fears

The problem here is not about the fears themselves. We all have them. But some people tend to run away from their fears. They do this by procrastinating or distracting themselves. Some people use social media, games, alcohol…

…or any other substance that can take their mind away from what really matters.

Facing your fears is not a simple task either. It’s called ‘fear’ because it’s scary. But you need to learn how to manage that.

The way to do this is to take a step back whenever you feel scared, anxious or stressed. Breathe and ask yourself logically:

  • How is this feeling affecting me and my behavior? Why?
  • Why am I feeling this? Is this real or just something I’m used to?
  • How can I transform this feeling into a positive and empowering one?
  • Where is this feeling coming from?
  • If I can’t stop feeling this, how can I use this to my advantage?

And so on. Wonder about your feeling and be curious. You’ll see that often, it’s not that scary. It’s just your reaction to be scared and to be frantic about it.

Systematize Everything

People, businesses, and even events are successful because of a system.

Organize your tasks in a way that you’ll thrive in. I personally find it great to list my tasks daily. It helps me remember what I have to do for the whole day without thinking too much about tomorrow.

Then at the end of the day, or before the next day begins…

…list down everything you’ve accomplished for the day (or the day before).

This is so you’ll reinforce the habit of getting things done. Or at least getting your listed tasks done.

You can also do the same to your habits. List down habits you want to track daily. Maybe have a monthly checklist too. Listing them down will make your mind want to do them.

While you’re at it, why not list 3 things you’re grateful for in life?

Know Your Priorities

Some people might not have enough backbone to say ‘no’ to every request people have. They say yes to every request.

This can be a very reliable source of stress. So, make sure to grow a backbone to say no to some things that will derail you.

Ask yourself:

  • Is this something that will help me achieve my goals?
  • Is this something that will be valuable for me short term/long term?

If no, then reassess if it’s worth your time. Always remember to value your time.

Respond to Challenges Better

We’ll always have challenges to face. Life will not run out of problems for us.

So instead of waiting for all these problems to disappear before taking action…

…or before pursuing happiness…

…do that now.

You just have to learn how to respond and manage your challenges better.

Face the worthy challenges which are in accordance with your values and desires.

For example, if you want to be a great dad and a great family man, then the challenges you’ll face must be related to that. You’ll certainly find fulfillment in facing those challenges. Because that’s what you want.

Minimize the Distractions

Because you want your system to work effectively…

…you want to minimize the distractions.

It’s not the worst thing to settle down and let some steam out once in a while. But make sure that it will not turn into procrastination, and it will not derail you from your goals.

Letting some stress out by watching movies, for example, can be healthy. Especially if you do it with people you love. But remember, you can’t run from your stress every time. See my second point.

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