7 Steps to Kickstart Your Day

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Life can be hectic. And daily circumstances never fail to surprise us.

With this in mind, it can be crazy to keep your sanity when days are full of surprises.

So it’s important to start your day in the right tone so you have better chances to keep the momentum going.

So here are 7 ways to kickstart your day, 7 days in a week.

You can incorporate all, some, or even one of them, and add them to your routine.

Kickstart Your Day

  1. Stretch

This can be done in a minute or two. Just stretch out those muscles and release the tension.

This can be quite relaxing, but that’s not all. It can also enhance your daily performance.

  1. Meditate

Do some mindfulness meditation for 5-10 minutes. Focus on your breathing. Be mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and impulses, but don’t act upon them.

Just be mindful and observe.

If you’re not familiar with how meditation works…

…you can also do this mindfulness exercise with your eyes open.

This will make your focus sharper and your mind clearer throughout the day.

  1. Remember Your Why

The best inspiration and motivation should be personal to you. And this means your own reasons why you’re doing certain things.

If you’re building a business, why? If you’re working 9 to 5, why? And If you have not found your BIG WHYs yet that will push you into taking action, then it’s time to work on that.

Just do this simple approach: List the reasons why you’re doing the things you’re doing.

Why are you working hard? Why are you trying to improve? And why are you trying to build a business?

And pick the top reasons that resonate the most with you.

And then recall these BIG WHYs every morning.

No better way to have a spring in your step every morning than to hold on to something very personal.

  1. Visualize

Let’s split this into two parts:

Visualize your current day and how you would like it to turn out. Consider the possibilities and see yourself adjusting gracefully.

Next, visualize the long term results you want. Feel how it feels. The important thing here is the feeling. Make sure you feel how it feels to have the results you want.

Spend some 3-5 minutes with this, and just see for yourself how it will make you feel throughout the day.

  1. Gratitude

Next, give some quick but heartfelt thanks for everything in your life. The results you just visualized, the day you’ll conquer, the past battles you have won, etc.

Fill your heart with gratitude and you’ll experience the magic.

  1. Let Go

Let go of the grudges, hatred, negativity, and tension that’s still with you. These may come from the previous day, or your previous argument, etc.

And they may be valid. But as soon as you let go of these, it can make you unstoppable for the day.

Also, let go of any expectations for the day. Yes, you have visualized how you’d like this day to be, and you have given thanks for that. But you have to let go and trust the Universe that your order has been received, and it’s on its way to you.

If you have some attachments to some event or result that you want to happen on the current day…

…then you’ll have some disappointments if they didn’t happen.

So yes, the day will be great, no matter what happens. You can adjust gracefully because you’re powerful.

  1. Affirm

Finally, reaffirm everything to you before beginning the day.

You can have some affirmations available. You can recite these for a few minutes and feel how it makes you feel.

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Doing all these religiously can take you 30 or more minutes, but it’s worth it. If you really want to, you can set your alarm 30 minutes earlier to complete this ritual

But that’s not required. You can just pick some from this list and add them to your own ritual. I’m sure everyone has their own morning ritual. Just make sure yours is productive enough so you can conquer the day with more power.

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