5 Questions to Ask If You Want to Transform Your Life                                                     

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Very few people on earth are truly happy with their lives. Each person has some unfulfilled desires, some sorrows, and failures. Sometimes the burden of dissatisfaction becomes so big that people think to find a way out.

Most of the people don’t have the courage to bring any significant change in their lives. They continue their lives with the same disappointment.

But the brave souls dare to change their lives.

When you are thinking about changing your life, you have taken the first step towards a new beginning. Being conscious of all the good and bad outcomes involved with your decision makes you prepared for the journey of life-transformation.

Some questions might help you to strengthen your level of awareness about what you are doing.

5 Questions to Ask Before Changing Life:

If you are thinking to transform your life, don’t hassle. Changing life is a great decision indeed! Your decision controls your own life. It can change your life like flipping a coin. So, take your time. Consult with your heart. And, ask yourself 5 questions, if you want to transform your life.

Do I really want to transform my life? Or it is just a fantasy?

It is quite normal that the repetition of the same old routine every day creates boredom. It might happen you wake up in the morning and get bored thinking about your daily schedules. Life might appear like a merry-go-round with no end.

If this is your case, take a break! Go for a vacation. You need a temporary change in your life, but not a significant one.

Some people can never get satisfied with what they own. They love to live in their imaginary world and enjoy thinking about adventures. Remember, transforming life is something far bigger than a mere adventure.

Therefore, before you take a major decision that can bring a great impact in your life, be sure you about what you really want. Don’t risk your life, career, or relationship for a mere fantasy!

Up to what extent do want to change my life (fully or partially)?

The concept of changing life varies from person to person. Some people think getting a nice hair cut, or buying a new outfit, or shifting to a new house might change their lives.

The other people expect quitting job, or changing career, or leaving the city, or changing religion, or starting a family can make a transformation in their lives. In simple words, the concept of change is multidimensional, deeper and wider, in real life.

What if, you are bored with your office works, dull colleagues, or stupid boss and decided to quit the job. You might find a new one and might feel relaxed for some months or even years.

But after a period you might feel the same boredom you experienced earlier. So, how could this job-shifting incident transform your life? You can’t call it a life-changing incident. It is nothing but a mere diversion.

When you are thinking of changing your career for your passion, it is gonna take you to a new future. You may not get the chance to return to your old position with the same value that you currently possess.

This decision might impact your livelihood for the rest of the life. If you still have the courage to take the risk and go for what you desire, the universe will conspire to give you what you want. It is called the ‘Law of Attraction’.

What are the obstacles on the path of changing my life?

Not everyone would face the same experience in the struggle of transformation in his/her life. If you don’t have a bank balance, the situation could be different. You might stress over changing your city, the idea of shifting country is far enough. Money matters!

If you have a family with kids, you can’t quit your job or leave the city, whenever you wish. You have to think hundred times before taking a decision, whether it is changing place or shifting career. Your decision might affect your dear ones. You can’t run away from your responsibilities.

When you decide to change your life, it might cost you

\money, relationships, career, reputation, and comfort. You might have to sacrifice your comfort zone and take new challenges in life. You might need to learn a new language, find a new job or adjust with hostile weather, etc.

If you are bold enough to face whatever comes, you show the universe what you deserve. And the universe starts showing it’s magnificent power.

Why should I take the risk of changing my Life?

Can you remember the proverb, ‘look before you leap’? Before you finally decide to change your life, ask yourself that who would hold your back in your hard times? Do have any friend, or a helping hand, or enough money, or any special skill? You can make a list. Then, evaluate how much those things are truly relevant to your new life.

When you are a millionaire, transforming life might not be too hard for you. You can choose a new city or even a new country. You can go there and start a new life.

When you are single, living alone in a city with no friend and family, you can take your bag and just leave. Things like, enough money, friends, life without burden, etc. might ease your journey for life-transformation.

Ask yourself again, what things are encouraging you to transform your life. Or, what positive things might happen on the journey of this life-transformation.

Am I ready to start the journey of changing my life?

The dimension and extent of change might vary depending on your skill, level of confidence, financial situation, relationship status, etc. Take the challenge depending upon your ability to face the uncertainty. Don’t impose any pressure on yourself. Everything happens on it’s own time.

You can make a plan for several months or years to prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges and hardships. During the phase of preparation, you can save money, learn a new language or skill, make new friends or search for a new job, etc. Stay optimistic about your decision and expect good things to happen.

When you are determined about transforming your life, you step into a new reality. Your empowered decision would send a signal to the universe about your will-power. It would make you stronger and courageous to experience all the weal and woes coming afterward.

Transforming life means starting a new journey. It might bring sorrow or offer you a much exciting life.

Stepping beyond your comfort zone, you can perceive your life from a new dimension. When you are truly aware of your desire and the risk involved, the power of your mind creates a connection with the universe. At this stage, the universe applies the ‘Law of Attraction’ and unlocks endless possibilities ahead of you.

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