Astrology “Quick Bites” Horoscopes: JUNE 17 – 23, 2018


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Horoscopes: JUNE 17 – 23, 2018


There is a lot of jealousy around someone’s flirting. If it’s you doing the flirting, beware of playing with fire. If it’s your partner, figure out how much you’re prepared to tolerate and whether there’s a real risk. Don’t over-react.


Something which crops up at work is likely to impact on your closest relationship. Pushing ahead in your career is tough if you don’t have your sweetheart’s support, so take time to talk things over honestly and thoroughly.


There’s a conflict this week between your public and your private life, or between what you say and what you do. It’s important now that you are whiter than white in terms of your behavior. Uphold high standards and expect others to do likewise.


Instead of hankering after what you want but cannot have, practice gratitude for what you already do have. This week’s energy is about finding and celebrating your many blessings. Turn negativity into positivity through the power of thought.


Discord in a relationship is more likely if you dig in your heels. Try to be flexible, even where you strongly disagree with your sweetheart. You don’t have to clone one another’s thoughts to be compatible, but you do have to be respectful.


You’re sacrificing too much. You are a very dutiful person, but not even you can look after the whole world. Try to delegate some of your personal and family responsibilities. You don’t have to do all this alone.


Don’t allow others to lead you astray. Peer pressure is a very real thing, even for adults, but it’s important that you know when to step away. Don’t be pushed into anything dangerous, illegal, unethical or just plain unsavory.


Look to the mistakes of the past if you want to make wise choices in the future. In some ways, history is repeating itself this week. Learn from what has gone before. If you don’t, you’ll keep on running into the same old obstacles.


Avoid bluffing your way through something important this week. If it matters, then take time to do it properly, or to learn what you have to learn. Procedures and rules matter right now. Break them at your peril. It’s not the time to take a chance.


Resources are stretched this week, both financially and practically. It may be prudent to change your plans and to allow extra time to get one particular goal sorted out. Stay flexible. Look to make progress in other plans in the meantime.


Drop the mask and reveal who you truly are. It’s comforting to hide behind an image at the moment, but that won’t help you personally or professionally. Speak up and be true to yourself; then you’ll find people much more welcoming and accepting.


Don’t be afraid to suggest imaginative or innovative solutions to a problem. Just because something hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it might not work this time. This applies to both your personal and professional life. Try something different!

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