How To Activate Divine Feminine Energy With The Power Of The Number 1

How To Activate Divine Feminine Energy

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How To Activate Divine Feminine Energy With The Power Of The Number 1

The Divine Feminine is a strong and powerful energetic force at home here on planet Earth, but the Goddess has been suppressed and silenced over millennia. You can read more about this HERE.


This energy of the Sacred Feminine is currently rising.

The time has come, because humanity is in danger. Mother Earth’s resources are being stripped away, her waters poisoned and her air thickened with pollution.

The delicate balance she maintains between and within ecosystems is tipping beyond what’s sustainable, and already this is having a detrimental effect on humans.

It’s selfish and arrogant to think that this is the only part that matters – how WE will be adversely affected – but unfortunately, especially for the political decision-makers of our world, this is the first point at which notice is taken.

The current, sad, planetary degradation serves as a macrocosmic reflection of our societal and personal struggles.

It’s true that the mirroring of our internal realities creates the collective realities which lie outside and beyond.

Of course, it’s a complex personal, historical, cultural and mythological equation, but even without understanding the mechanics, we each are capable of instigating change.

Some remedies for our very human plight are quick fixes, sellotape over the cracks which deal with symptoms and not causes.

And some others are deeper, slower burning solutions which could spill through the generations to come… All have value.


One very powerful route and method, that we’ll discuss here, and one that every single person can engage with, is to embrace the re-emergence of the sacred feminine.

You don’t have to be female or even identify as female to do this.

Both men and women contain Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine aspects, so the responsibility of re-activating this sacred energy, and using it to heal our planet and ourselves, falls equally to both genders!

Because of the overlaps between archetypal energy and sacred feminine energy, the study of your numerology chart can provide a very simple and accessible way into the re-activation of the Divine Feminine. You can read more about this HERE.

So here we will begin: Using the power and energy of the archetype of the number 1, to reawaken the Goddess within.

You may have a lot of this archetype in your chart, you may have very little, or none at all. But this doesn’t mean it won’t call to you at different times throughout your life. So read on…


Does the number 1 contain any feminine energy? Numerologists regard this number as the most masculine of all: It embodies many of the traits so readily associated with the masculine archetypes –


But this doesn’t mean that we can’t take these principles and apply them through the layers of our lives, in order to awaken the Divine Feminine. (It’s important to realize that the picture of what is “feminine” portrayed within our modern societies and media is not the whole picture.

In fact, throughout our world’s (her)story, The Divine Feminine has taken on many guises, which by our modern measure, would not appear “feminine” at all! To really do this work, and participate in the re-embodiment of the Divine Feminine on our planet, many old belief systems about these most basic of ideas, still need to be dismantled).


At its most basic level, the number 1 stands for unapologetic presence.

Straight and tall, it is confident and self-assured in its skin. The Number 1 shows up. It takes up space.

But the strength and power it takes to do this aren’t rigid and unbending. Like a tree which sways, but still stays firmly rooted in even the fiercest of winds, the Feminine expresses through the Number 1 as a flexible but resilient power.

If you have the energy of the 1 in your personal chart, this is what you are called to embody. Activating the Goddess through this number doesn’t mean you have to fight for your right to exist.

You don’t need to compete, resisting who you are, in order to become the victor in a situation.

This energy is more about proud and dignified self-acceptance, and through this process of giving self-permission to BE, receiving recognition and approval from others.


To activate more of this energy in yourself physically, work to become physically strong.

Activating and building up your skeletal and muscular systems will help you carry this powerful energy of presence.

But this doesn’t need to become overly impressive or intimidating! Sacred feminine energy can be tough and athletic, without being unyielding and also having a softness.

Dance is also key as a way to move the energy of the 1 (in whatever form it takes) through your whole body.

This is because Divine Feminine energy works through your physicality – her wisdom isn’t just held in your mind like most intellectual knowledge. It is held in each cell of your body. And dance will also serve to awaken the memory that your body already holds.


It’s a misconception that the more forceful, aggressive, penetrating and commanding sides to the Number 1 must be applied to dominate over others.

In fact, when this does happen, it’s a clear example of an energy which has tipped way out of balance and alignment and is unfortunately what we see around us a lot in our modern societies. But versions of these qualities of the number 1 can be applied in a different way.

Use the pioneering energy of this number to lead a crusade inwards, into the lands of your own shadow.

Fight your demons.

Dominate your fears.

The darker aspects of the Number 1 often, ironically, tend towards low self-esteem and a lack of self-worth and these feelings can quickly spiral into depression and a listless lack of motivation.

It is neither “masculine” or “feminine” to do this work of inner excavation and healing, but working on the emotional body can require a more feminine approach.

Fight your demons through having compassion for yourself.

Dominate your fears through forgiving who and what they came from.

If you hold a lot of the energy of the 1 in your personal numerology chart, it is your calling to rise up and become the ruler of your psyche, the master of your emotions, but force is not the way.

Stand firm within your emotional experiences, allowing yourself to fully feel.
Gently peel back the layers of your pain, and of your joy!
Fortify your energetic reserves and work lovingly on your self-esteem.
Strengthen your solar plexus chakra (Click here for more inspiration)


The Number 1 contains intrinsic, originating, dynamic power.

And whilst it doesn’t need or rely on anybody else for this power, the 1 stands as a conduit, bridging earth and sky, matter and Spirit, God and Goddess. (This is one of the main reasons people are crazy about repeating numbers 11:11. They are an amplified expression of these principles of the 1, unique in the way they are combined to result in such magic!)

For a long time, this kind of connected but highly individualized power has been suppressed, especially when stemming from the Feminine.

Because when personal power is fully realized, it can’t be controlled, even less so when it comes via a direct line from the Divine! This suppression is the very basis of the patriarchal paradigm we are emerging from currently. But these days are crumbling.

To activate the Sacred Feminine through Spirit, learn to stand in your power as an expression of the Divine. This is the last bastion, and the most powerful state to exist in because it cannot be taken away from you.

The number 1, more than any other number, has the capacity to lead, and its presence in your life urges you to fully realize that you are the pioneering, advancing edge of Spirit.

So listen in.

Sense before you act.

Intuit before you move.

Gather in all the information you require, before you decide.

Divine Feminine energy isn’t impulsive or reactionary. It doesn’t compete.

Its goal isn’t to come first or to win or be the richest or smartest. BUT, when the power of the number 1 joins together in unity with the Divine Feminine, all of these things become possible for everybody.

We all get to become sovereign.

Do you have the Number 1 in your personal numerology chart? Do you sense the ways the Divine Feminine seeks to emerge through you?

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