10 Habits of Happy People

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While it might be seen that happiness is something that comes and goes. It really isn’t that way.

In fact, you can nurture happiness by creating and developing habits. It’s already your ability to do this for yourself. You just have to know how.

Before we discuss what the 10 habits are, let me just talk about what habits mean.

What are habits?

Habits are actions done repeatedly, mostly automatically. Examples can be:

  • Using your phone after waking up
  • Cleaning your ears after taking a bath
  • Washing your hands after doing the chores
  • Smoking a cigarette after a meal
  • Drinking beer after work

As you can see, habits can either be good or bad. They can either be beneficial or harmful to us and to those around us.

And the hardest part is that most habits are done on autopilot. Which means we are not necessarily aware that we’re doing them. Yes, we are doing them, but we lack the awareness and consciousness.

Sometimes we do habits without a reason, it’s just because it’s a habit. Sounds simple.

Habits are powerful because we don’t use that much mindpower, meaning, less effort.

So, if we’re talking about 10 habits to be happy, we’re talking about 10 things you’ll do automatically. Everything almost automatic. How cool is that?

Without further ado, here are the 10 habits you can develop to take control of your happiness.

10 Habits of Happy People

Live in the moment

Stressing about the past won’t make you happy. Worrying about the future won’t make you happy. Stop.

Instead, try to focus your energy on the present. Think about it, now is all you have, all the actions you can do will be about be done NOW.

It’s okay to plan, but it’s not healthy to focus too much on the future. And likewise, it’s okay to learn from the past, but never stay in that headspace.

Practice gratitude.

If you’re finding it hard to live in the moment, focus on the good things that every moment brings.

A roof above your head, food on your plate, a healthy body, a happy family. Give appreciation and as you do so, you’ll find that your mind will tune more into what is good.

I repeat, the more you look for the good things each moment, the more you’ll see more good things. How great is that?

Focus on your “happy place.”

Your happy place can be anything. A concert to your favorite band, the beach, somewhere quiet, somewhere with your loved one.

It can also be a thing or a person.

Whatever it is, you can train yourself to focus on them…

…rather than spending your energy on things that don’t make you happy.

If you can’t go to the beach right now and you really love the beach, you can just visualize you’re there.

Or you can train your mind to see a happy place everywhere you go. Repeat the following affirmation every day:

“I take love, peace, kindness, and happiness with me wherever I go.”

Know what you can and cannot control.

Have the courage to change what you can change…
…strength to accept what you cannot…
…and wisdom to know the difference.

If you attach yourself to the outcomes of things in your life which you have no control over, you might be doomed.

On the same note, you cannot control what other people do. Only you can provide yourself happiness. Control your thoughts with affirmations, visualization, and relaxation. That way, you’ll always be relaxed, no matter what happens.

Why? Because you’ve accepted that you have no control over everything.

Get excited, like a child.

When was the last time you had fun like a little baby? When was the last time you saw the world as a child?

When was the last time you laughed for silly reasons—the way that adults won’t?

If you can, try this: lie down outside on your back, stare up the trees and the sky. See how awesome it will feel!

Take your dog out for a walk!

When was the last time you took your dog out for a walk and enjoyed it? Not because he should have some exercise, or that you should have some exercise, but just for the fun that it brings?

Take pictures of your dog smelling the flowers, playing by the grass. Etc. Get out of your own life by watching his life.

Give time

This is an important one. When you give others your time, you’ll feel instantly better.

Contribute to any cause that you feel passionate about. Get to know people. Smile.

Make people feel wanted and make them feel that they matter. Because they really do.

Focus on what you can do for someone else. And make a commitment to do it every week, or every month, whichever works for you.

Repeat this affirmation:

I make a positive difference in people’s lives, and they make a positive difference in mine.

Finger paint.

Have you tried finger painting?

Just paint using your hands, no rules. Just follow your instincts and paint as you want to. There’s no right or wrong way. Just paint, make your hands flow with the canvas.

Let your ideas come out through the movement of your colored fingers. Don’t worry about getting dirty! Just enjoy the moment and see what happens. You might want to do it again.

Write your heart out

Maybe you’d rather write in a series of thoughtful words rather than paint, do so.

If you’re feeling a little stressed, write it out. Why are you stressed? What can you do to make it better? Also, you can write a mock letter to the person causing you to feel that way, and you don’t need to send it. You may if you want to.

Write freely, without any reservations about what you can or cannot say.

Don’t sugarcoat or censor anything. The very act of writing what you feel can purge the feeling and lead you to a way to happiness and relaxation.

Get to know where you came from

Ask an older member of your family about his/her life back then. You might know stories about what you did when you were younger, but not the stories of your family.

This is a fun way to relate and understand where you came from. It also makes the bond between you and your family stronger.

This is a way to gain perspective about yourself, the people around you, and the world.

Now that you know the 10 habits you can do to create your own happiness, which of them will you take action upon?

Happiness is something we generate inside. It’s not something that’s given to us. It’s never in the hands of other people to give you your happiness.

Learn to create your own happiness by giving and laughing like a child.

When you realize you have the power to create your own happiness. You’ll be unstoppable!

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