Video – The Power of Astrology For Energy, Power, and Impact

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Are you meant for a more meaningful or impactful role in the world?

Are you ready to go to the next level in your life but don’t know the way forward?

Listen in and learn as my friend Mark Ling interviews Dawn DelVecchio, an astrologer with 35 years experience as she dispels the myths of astrology, and gives advice to help people manifest and live their best life.


In this insightful interview, Dawn shares some great information, including

  • the most powerful thing about astrology
  • how astrology helps people get a bigger perspective of the themes and energy that your soul is responding to
  • how to harness the power of astrology to raise awareness in your relationships as well as every other area of your life

and much more.

Over two thirds of people who take astrology readings have a very limited, or at times incorrect, understanding of astrology and what it’s really all about! I urge you to let Dawn show you how astrology can help give you and your life energy, power, and impact.

AND… Your understanding of astrology doesn’t stop there!

Dawn is kindly offering a free reading which I highly encourage you to try out.

You can access your own personalized reading and gain powerful insights from it by clicking below:

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