8 Simple Steps To Enlightenment – The Key To A Happier You!

8 Simple Steps To Enlightenment – The Key To A Happier You!

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8 Simple Steps To Enlightenment – The Key To A Happier You!

Do you want to attain enlightenment so you can glide through your days with greater joy?

I did too and these amazing principles helped me to step into a happier space in my life. Introduce them slowly and watch your life transform.

Enlightenment Step One: Release Judgement

Do not judge yourself and others, respect everything – Life is a mirror and we attract what we judge.

Judgement allows us to see our subconscious patterns played out in mirroring behaviors of people/events around us. Nothing exists outside of us.

Anger gets locked into cells through judgement. Cycles keep returning until the penny drops.

We judge everything outside our tribe as judgement is based on fear. Judgement sits in the base chakra.

Enlightenment Step Two: Remember Forgiveness

In order to live in integrity as spiritual beings, we must forgive everyone, including ourselves, those who hurt us, God and our parents.

It is essential to forgive them as if we don’t we cannot forgive ourselves or our creator.

The Sacral Chakra is where we hold shock, trauma and abuse.

Enlightenment Step Three: Reveal Your TRUE Colours

When you recognize your authentic power and remember that you are divine, you will empower others to do the same.

Then you will start to feel joy, which systematically creates the ascension process as your frequency becomes lighter.

You cannot ascend without feeling joy. Joy is the opposite of Ego, so you will quite literally start to transcend the Ego.

Enlightenment Step Four: Rejoice In Unconditional Love

Just for today, be kind to yourself and all your neighbors. It is so important to make a conscious choice to love and accept others and also allow yourself to be loved.

The more you value and respect yourself, the more others will value and respect you too.

When we set clear boundaries and give gratitude for our lives, we stop being jealous or envious of other people.

Enlightenment Step Five: Reclaim Perfection

When you start seeing perfection in your past, ‘Present You’ will relax and understand that your future will also be perfect.

This enables you to go with the flow and helps you to release fear of the future.

Remember, we attract what we judge, so reclaim your perfection and that is what you will invite into your life.

Enlightenment Step Six: Rediscover Your Purpose

We have all come to play a part in a very significant time in the evolution of humanity.

To keep the vibration of the planet high, it is essential to imagine the future to be perfect and hold a blissful vision as the Golden Age of Aquarius unfolds before you.

This is your true purpose and the more you visualize yourself and the planet healing, the greater the outcome will be for humanity.

Enlightenment Step Seven: Reconnect To Your Divinity

Once you fully embrace that you are God in a body, the notion of duality ceases to exist.

You only ever feel isolated or depressed when you believe that you have lost something or someone.

When you know that you can never separate from all that is, you will not experience grief anymore as it never left you int he first place.

Enlightenment Step Eight: Relinquish Punishment

You are a magnificent being of light who arrived here on Earth with a soul contract to live through many earthly experiences to help you to heal.

There is nothing to feel guilty about and you do not need to be punished. You will always be innocent and a perfect aspect of God.

By letting go of self-judgment which keeps you separate from soul truth, you have the power to set yourself free.

As you can see, these are very simple principles to activate in your life right now to start creating joy instead of pain and struggle.

Life was never meant to be difficult and more than any other time in history, we are being asked to evolve with ease and grace into the golden age of Aquarius.

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