Are You In A Bad Relationship? 6 Signs You Are In Denial

Are You In A Bad Relationship

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Are You In A Bad Relationship? 6 Signs You Are In Denial

Have you ever felt as though things are not going well in your relationship? Have you tried to solve problems with your partner, or just left it in hope that things will get better over time?

A lot of relationships involve problems and obstacles that you can overcome, whilst other relationships become toxic.

It is not always easy to come to terms with the fact that your relationship has turned sour or that you know your relationship is not healthy.

In order to start working on your problems, or leave the relationship completely, you need to accept that you are in a toxic relationship first.

It’s important for you to take a step back and once you have accepted this fact, try and figure out if you want to save the relationship or if you should leave.

6 Signs You Are In Denial

I am going to talk about the different signs that you could be in denial, especially when it comes to being in a bad relationship.

These signs may be different for everyone, however, if you feel that these apply to you, it may be time to take a look at your relationship and figure out what you would like to do.

The first step is accepting that you are in denial, so let’s take a look at these 5 tell-tale signs.

1. You Lash Out At People For Being Concerned

If you are in denial, you may find yourself snapping and lashing out at people who are trying to help you, especially your close family and friends who may be offering advice. This is normally because you have pushed these thoughts away as you want everything in your relationship to be OK, and hearing this from others can cause you pain.

If someone speaks up about your relationship, your first instinct may be to argue and ignore what they are telling you instead of actually listening to their advice. This is most likely because you have yet to accept that your relationship may be toxic yourself, let alone accepting it from someone else telling you so.

2. You Rationalize Your Unhappiness

If you find yourself rationalizing your unhappiness to others and even yourself, there is a good chance you are in denial. If you have not accepted that you are unhappy then you are going to tell yourself that you are happy and try and make excuses for it.

When something happens in your relationship, you may shrug it off and try and rationalize things in your head, even when you don’t truly believe what you are saying. This is because you cannot accept your unhappiness yet and so, you find excuses to rationalize it and make it OK.

It’s important to recognize when you are unhappy and instead of pushing that feeling away, accept it and figure out why.

3. You Refuse To Acknowledge Concerns

As well as lashing out at people who are concerned, you are also likely to push their opinions away and refuse to listen. It can be very hard to hear the truth, especially when it is coming from close loved ones.

People who voice their concerns to you, are most likely doing this because they care about you and do not want to see you hurt. However, if you are in denial, you will not listen, even if you know that they are right.

When people are talking to you about any concerns they have, it is best to listen as they know you best and only want to help. Even if you cannot accept it straight away, try and listen to what they are telling you and recognize the problems.

4. You Believe You Have No Choice

Some people can start to believe that there is no other option and that they need to learn to live in this relationship. When you are in denial, you often know deep down that things are not right but choose to ignore it. Because of this, you can often feel that the only option is to live with it.

If you find yourself feeling as though you cannot leave the relationship, or change anything then you may be in denial. When you just accept any problems and do not try to do anything about it, it could mean you are not recognizing that your relationship has become unhealthy and you push that thought away.

Try and recognize your problems, and understand that you do have other choices, no matter how hard it is, you need to try and accept your situation and see what choices you have.

5. You’re Unusually Stressed

When we have problems hanging over us, and we are ignoring them, they can still be in the back of your mind. This can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for some people. If you are in denial, you are not facing your problems, but they still stay with you.

You may find yourself snapping at people, feeling stressed about nothing, or feeling anxious and bad-tempered. This can be because you are feeling so many emotions and hiding them, which is not good for you.

If you can face your problems and accept that something is not right, it can help you to reduce your stress and anxiety. Even though you may be choosing to ignore something, your mind will still know that there is something wrong, which is why you may be very stressed.

6. You Have Too Much Patience

If you always find yourself giving your partner another chance after another, you may be in denial. This means that you accept any problems and move on, you do not face the problems or recognize what has upset you.

If you are not accepting when things are wrong and constantly forgiving your partner, this will not help with your situation, and may only make things worse for yourself. They will then think that it is okay to carry on doing what they are doing, as there are no consequences for their actions.

If you can stop and face what is happening and stand up for yourself or recognize that you are not being treated right, you can start to chose your options for your relationship. Toxic relationships are not healthy and you should really take a look at your situation, deciding whether to stay or leave.

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