Connecting Your Mind and Body

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Connecting Your Mind and Body

The paradox of our age strikes again. With all the apps and platforms everywhere you’d think it’s nearly impossible to get lost nowadays.

But we seem to have built invisible yet invincible walls that make it harder and harder to penetrate.

We have built fortresses around and between relationships and now we’re struggling to find our way through the labyrinth of distractions.

It’s not just our work-life balance that’s out of whack. We don’t just need to balance our time for exercise, for play, for recreation, for work, for family, but we also need to acknowledge the lack in connection within us.

So how do we bridge that gap?

Line up priorities

Priorities change. Just because it was your career first when you were younger doesn’t mean that’s how it should be all throughout your life.

As you get older, you’re going to want to change the order of importance in different aspects of your life.

Do a regular assessment of what your rankings are.

Make sure that you are honest with yourself and not just arranging it to please others. Your welfare is what should be considered this time.

Don’t take yourself for granted

If you make a plan such as going to the gym after work, or going to the casino to play a few games, make sure you keep plans and don’t keep canceling on yourself.

It’s good to give yourself importance even with seemingly ‘compromisable’ things.

It’s not the activity per se that you want to keep, but also the discipline of reminding yourself that your interests are valuable too.

Just because you can cancel or postpone it doesn’t mean you should.

Listen to your body

Don’t take for granted the way your body responds to certain things, especially with stress.

For example, you have an event or a party coming up but then your body is telling you it’s tired or it’s on the verge of catching a cold. Listen to it.

Sometimes we tend to push ourselves too far because we don’t want to have to go back on our word when other people are involved.

But while noble, it’s also unnecessary to make your body go through it just because.

Same goes for when we know something bad can happen but we go through it anyway. We have instincts for a reason and our bodies can be a good barometer for danger.

Use your gadgets to your advantage, not detriment

It’s not bad to keep using your gadgets to stay connected, to see what’s up with your friends, to keep track of the latest trends and whatnot. But make sure that you’re using it to further yourself, not to hurt yourself.

Physically, you need to know when to take your eyes off the screens. Your head will tell you when you’ve had enough for the day. You need to heed its warnings.

Also, if the information you’re perusing is causing you undue stress, you need to learn how to detach yourself from it.

Remember, use it to help yourself, not to upset yourself.

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