How Quitting Can Help You

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How Quitting Can Help You

They say being a quitter is much like being a loser. Perhaps. If you’re quitting challenges because they’re difficult, or quitting before you even started, then yes, that makes you a loser.

But if you’re quitting certain things that can and will make you a better person all around, then being a quitter is actually winning.

What are the things you need to quit doing today? Here’s a list of some of them:


We can’t help but complain sometimes. Work takes too much out of us, our spouse is a nagger, our kids are noisy, our bills never end, the government can do better, the stoplight takes too long, etc.

And that’s okay. It’s normal to see the annoying details of one’s day.

We get caught up in our frustration and that takes a toll on us. So it’s good to vent out if only to get it out of our systems and get us thinking right again.

But if you’re whining constantly about these things over and over again, then the common denominator is you, your attitude. That stops being constructive and goes right to unhealthy.


The only way you’re going to get what you want out of life is if you think positively.

Yes, there will be drawbacks from your pursuit of whatever it is that you want, but those are just hurdles, not dead ends.

You need to stay positive in order to manifest new avenues towards the things that you want.

Get rid of anything that will stand in your way, especially if it’s your own outlook.

Rid yourself of negative vibes that bounce off of people that you surround yourself with. Rid yourself of activities that decrease your drive to reach your goals.

Quitting while you’re ahead

You shouldn’t keep quitting while you’re ahead. Allow yourself to expand, to grow even more, even further by sticking around and seeing where it leads.

Just because you’re ahead doesn’t mean that’s the goal. The goal is to keep getting better at it.


Alcohol is not bad per se, but it could give you a health problem.

Gambling is also not bad per se, but the addiction to it could run your finances to the ground, for starters. Smoking and drug use are bad though, no upside there, sorry.

The point being, quit the things that won’t add to your life.

Even when you justify things in your life as ‘it doesn’t do any harm’, the question you should be asking is “What good is it doing for you?”

If it’s taking you away from family, if it’s taking your focus away from work, if it’s taking the place of healthy relationships in your life, then it must not be that good an influence and should be taken out of the equation.

Remember, anything that doesn’t add value to your life isn’t worth making space for in it.

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