Fear as Motivator

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Fear as Motivator

To be afraid is something that’s made out to be a weakness. It’s an undesirable trait and feeling, which makes it embarrassing for people to admit.

But what if I tell you that fear can be a good thing? That fear can make you a good leader, a good partner, a better person.

Well, it does.

Don’t be ashamed of your fears. Fear, after all, is a natural emotion that won’t stop coming at you no matter how hard you try. New fears will crop up in lieu of conquered fears and life still goes on.

It’s not the eradication of fear that we should be working at. It’s the manipulation of that fear to come out better.

So how do you do that? By thinking of fear in these ways:

Fear is instinct

Yes, you can think of it as instinct. It’s something that comes naturally, like breathing. You see something that might hurt you, you don’t like that. You want to avoid it. Your instinct tells you to worry, to fear it.

That’s understandable.

You’re not supposed to deny your instinct. You’re supposed to rise above it.

Fear is your reason

You know how people love to tell you you can’t do something, you’re probably going to fail, then you’re going to be left with nothing? That’s not why you shouldn’t do it.

That’s why you should.

For every time that you hear others telling you you can’t, those are the times you probably need to do it even more.

Let fear make your resolve stronger.

Change your definition

Success is the opposite of failure. And most people fear being unsuccessful. So they fear failure. That’s the norm, the way things are, the way they have always been.

But it doesn’t have to be.

You can change what success means to you, and more importantly you can change what failure means to you.

It doesn’t have to be a failed attempt at something. Maybe you can change your perspective in that staying in your comfort zone is more of a failure than going out of it and not getting what you sought for.

Welcome your greatest fear

Nobody likes being afraid. Nobody likes feeling weak. But it’s just one of the things that we have to accept about life.

So if you can’t get rid of them, welcome them. Make peace with their existence in your life.

Your fears shouldn’t be bigger than your faith in yourself. The only time you truly fail is when you let fears be bigger, when you let them make decisions for you, and let them run your life.

You were meant to be perfect in your flaws, stronger with your weaknesses, and braver for your fears.

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