How To Be An Adult

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How To Be An Adult

All of us will get there, unfortunately. Being an adult is not as fun as you thought it would be in high school or even college.

We all thought it’s all fun and games, getting a job, our first paycheck, our first car, etc.

But we didn’t really think about the other things that also happen as we reap the benefits of adulthood.

We’re not only changing physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. We begin to see the world a little differently.

So buckle down and let me tell you how different the world works when you’re adulting.

Strengthen friendships

By the time you’re working, you’ll realize that your time is finite.

It doesn’t usually extend over the wee hours of the morning, downing shots after shots, taking your sweet time going home and waking up the next day on your own time.

Adulthood won’t look like that anymore.

What it looks like is hard work at your career, rushing to get home early, to spend time with family or to get that extra down time for yourself.

And when you do get that window of opportunity, you want to catch up with the people who matter.

You won’t have the time or the patience to nurture acquaintances that have no merit in your life.

Choose your friends well, no matter how small your circle gets, because it’s the quality of friendship you’re after now.

Form deeper relationships

Along with choosing the right friendships to maintain comes a maturity in terms of the heart. You no longer wish to waste your time on hook-ups that won’t go anywhere.

Your criteria for a good mate or partner becomes more complex, more concrete.

Before, it didn’t matter so much that your religions might be different, or your values, or goals. But when you’re adulting, those become more important considerations.

Become more discerning because you’re beginning to envision your future, and what role your partner will play in it.

Learn to say yes to opportunity and no to distractions

One of the most important things you’ll learn is to say no–to people and to things that will distract you from your goals.

On the other hand, you should also learn to say yes–to the opportunities that open up for you.

Learn to decipher whether or not a particular change will be beneficial to you or advantageous.

When you learn how to reject the things that won’t add to your life, you leave space for the things that will. So it’s up to you to determine which is which.

Savings is an expense

This is perhaps one of the most painful things you will learn in your adulting. Saving is not what’s left with you after you have spent for the things you need.

Savings is something you need to allot for before spending.

At every income level, there is a real struggle to save.

You might think that the more money comes to you, the more of it you will save. In theory that might work, but in actuality, as your income stretches, so do your expenses.

That’s why it’s important that you learn how to save at an earlier stage because it doesn’t get any easier through time.

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