How To Manifest True Love In Your Life

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Love is a natural and spontaneous feeling of oneness you experience towards the world around you. To love, two entities are necessary: the one who loves and the object of their love.

Depending on our maturity, attitude, and approach, love can mean different things to us. Not all kinds of love is true love. True love knows no boundaries.

It is neither liking nor attachment. It is not underlined by sexual impulses or biological urges. It is pure, sublime and incomparable.

True love energizes and elevates. It is comforting, consoling, sacrificing and giving unconditionally without a trace of selflessness. Manifesting true love in our lives needs a clear understanding of ourselves, the world around us and the powerful bond that exists between us and the world.

Love can mean different things

When we talk of love, we can mean several things. In other words, love has different connotations. Referring to how we relate ourselves to the object of our love, love can take several forms and flavors.

When you say you love eating chocolates, you talk of your liking for a particular delicacy.

When you say you love gardening, you talk about your hobby and interest in life.

When you say you love a girl at her prime youth, you only mean you have a crush on her.

On the other hand, true love is something that is beyond likes and dislikes. It knows no infatuation. It does not care whether the object of your love is attractive, useful or desirable for something.

Why and how we manifest love?

Love is deeply seated in the heart of every human. We all have love in us without any exception whatsoever. We can see love as a form of potential energy deeply buried within our consciousness. When we give vent to love for a given reason, it gets expressed. The way we feel and show our love defines the nature of our love.

When we love some particular people or the material things around us, we manifest our liking for them. It is a lower kind of love. If the person does not reciprocate this love in the way we expect or if the object we love is not up-to-the-mark, them such love can lead to disappointment.

There is undoubtedly a reason why we love. It can be caused by a physical urge or sexual craving. Love can be triggered by a desirable characteristic or quality in the object of love.

We all appreciate beauty and artistic accomplishment. We love the wisdom in people, their talents and good qualities. We admire the role model we wish to emulate. All these can be acts of love. Hence love can be manifested for several reasons.

Different from all these different kinds of love we are talking about, true love is something unmatchable and sublime. It gushes forth spontaneously unasked and unforced. It knows no disappointment or failure.

True love indicates a superior state of mind and a matured state of existence and understanding. When we can manifest true love, we are incredible individuals capable of giving our best to the world around us. People manifesting true love are the real assets to this world, and they bring peace, harmony, prosperity, growth, and blossom to the world.

Preparing to manifest true love

The topic of manifesting true love is a spiritual one. While preparing to manifest true love, we begin learning about our true self and the true nature of our relationship with the world around us.

True love stems from the understanding that we are a part of the whole around us. True love is an act of discovering ourselves in everything we see and feel around us.

True love cures, redeems, elevates and inspires the same kind of love in others too. To be able to manifest love, we must first learn to come out of our limited self and perceive the grand universe that is vast, magnanimous and bountiful.

Nature is the best teacher. The vast expanse of the universe without any limitations whatsoever will inspire the necessary wisdom in us to manifest true love. Manifesting true love is the process of making, remaking and reconstructing our true self.

While manifesting true love, we are reborn and resurrected from the crippling disabilities that have kept us in slavery till then. The path to manifesting true love is not an easy one. It is learned with hard toil and a strenuous effort combined with self-introspection. Here are the steps to manifesting true love.

Love yourself

Love is the expression of our hidden psychic energy. The quality of our love depends on the extent of our energy. We are energetic when we are confident. Manifesting true love starts with loving ourselves.

Explore all those beautiful things about yourself. Understand that you are a unique and incomparable individual on this earth. Love yourself as you are. Loving yourself more than anything else on this earth boosts up your self-worth, self-image, and self-confidence. From a confident self, true love can emerge quickly and spontaneously.

Accept people and things as they are

Generally, we love things and people as they hold some value for us. This form of love cannot be called true love. True love does not expect anything. It does not go by the face value. It is not a delusion caused by the external beauty or usefulness of a person or a thing.

True love is on the other hand unconditional. If you accept people and things as they are and can continue to love them even if they are not directly useful to you in the way you want, it means you have started manifesting true love.

True love does not complain about anything. It does not find faults. It can never lead to failures, dejections, and disappointments. Do not expect anything from things and people when you love them. This will mean you are on the path towards manifesting true love in your life.

Come out of your little self

Life is a journey towards realizing your grand self. You start as an individual with a body, mind, and soul and start expanding by bringing in more and more people into your love aura. To be able to grow faster with this mission of manifesting true love, you must learn to be selfless. You must be prepared to sacrifice your likings, needs and comfort zone for a greater good.

Prepare to serve selflessly

Love is a form of energy and feeling. However, when it manifests in your life, it must take the type of service or activities useful to the world around you. Think of how you can be helpful to the people and the world in your immediate and expanded circles. The more people you can reach out with your love, the more successful you are in manifesting true love.

True love brings in a phenomenal change in the way you relate to the people and things around you. It is all about expanding yourself and living a life of joy and bliss irrespective of your real life experiences. True love is something contagious and infectious. Tue love triggers true love, and in the long run, it makes this earth a better place to live.

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