How To Manifest What You Want Quickly

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When people hear about the law of attraction, most of them immediately discard it as some sort of superstition or gibberish. But it has been seen that those who tried to delve deeper and find out more what about law attraction is, actually ended up rewarding themselves. Why you ask? We will tell you.

Haven’t we all been in a position where we have wanted something really bad? It could have been anything from money to your crush talking to you.

And we have wondered what we can do to actually make our dream come true. What if we tell you that this is possible with the help of law of attraction?

Well, we do not ask you to believe us right away but you can at least read and try to understand. We will give you simple ways to make something you really want, come true:

  1. Desire it

You might think that it is stupid that we are asking you to desire your success. You have been wanting that all along. We get it, but have you been wanting it badly every single day? Have you been thinking about it enough? Have you intensely desired it? If not, then start today!

It is never late and especially when it comes to asking what you desire from the universe.

The universe will listen but only if you speak. Make a clear list of all the things you want, repeat in your head, chart the process, and then ask for those things loud and clear. Yes, it might initially feel a bit stupid but this actually works.

Why don’t you try it and then figure it out for yourself? Does not require much, does it?

A great way to do this is to write to the universe and tell it about your desires. Meditation works for some, while even visualizing yourself in a position where you have all that you want, can also be a unique way to do it.

  1. Make it believable

The deciding moment when the universe recognizes what you really want is when you start believing in what you want. If you do not believe in the fact that you can actually grasp what you desire, then what is the point of even trying? Believe, believe, believe- this should be the mantra.

Chant it as many times as you want, till you tell yourself and completely believe that you can get what you want. Do not let procrastination, doubts, and unnecessary questions come your way. People will say a million things but who listens to them anyway?

  1. Have faith in the process

It is not abnormal to lose faith in the way and start thinking if it is all worth it in the end. The way to growth is always tough and we often get increasingly uncomfortable when we move out of our comfort zone.

This is the time when you need to reiterate your faith in the process and just keep going. When you question the universe, you question your success. In any case, you are doing something you love so no harm is done.

Be on the lookout for signals that the universe sends out to you, to show that you are on the right way and gives you encouragement.

Remember these signals and recall them whenever you start doubting the process. And tell yourself that you are only getting closer to your goal with every passing day. The distance covered might not be the same every day but it is covered nevertheless. Repeat the reasons in your head of why you should keep striving until you believe it.

  1. Receive

You receive what you give and this is the truest in the law of attraction. You will attract the similar vibrations that you emanate. To get what you want, you have to constantly think of things that relate to it and most importantly, know that you are worth it and you will get it. Doubting only delays the process and did you not say that you want it right now?

Know that you have received a lot and a lot more is on the way. Be thankful and stop complaining. It is okay to ask for more, never settle, and know that you can do more. But it is not okay to always cribbing about things that do not work according to you.

If you feel that some things are not according to how you would prefer them to be, then getup and change them. Do anything that it takes to clear your path to what you want. Keep your mind open to receive any signals that the universe might be sending your way.

  1. Feel good

The feel-good factor is actually the easy part. All you need to do is please yourself. Sounds easy right? Yes, it is actually simple.

But, by feel good we mostly mean healthy habits like reading a poem, water the flowers in the garden, talk to a child, watch a great movie, eat some ice-cream, paint, anything. The point is to feel relaxed and rejuvenated so that you get more energy to work towards your goal.

It might sound like a cliché but time actually is money, especially when you want something so bad and within the shortest possible time.

So where is the time my friend? Keep going. And since we are very much alive and we feel emotions, it is not possible to work 24×7. And feeling good by doing something light, like maintaining a hobby is actually saving us more time by making us more productive.

  1. Work towards it

You have asked the universe for what you intensely desire but that is just half the job done. It is not that easy my friend. Of course, you will have to work.

You need to keep striving and working towards what you want. Try and picture yourself in the position where you want to see yourself, think about the happiness you will get when you get to that point.

This will give you enough motivation to work in a way so that you get closer to your goal every day. We know that it is easier said than done, but there is no shortcut.

What you can do is make a short list of your progress every day. Make it a point to not miss even a single day and write whatever little you have achieved.

This will give you tangible proof of your growth on the path of success and when you feel low, just look back and see the long and tough way you have come. And there you go! You have new motivation for another day. So, hustle!

Once you start following these basic steps that we have just explained, you will definitely see changes already. And the changes will be so momentous, that you cannot miss them if you are observant enough. In the beginning, it might just feel like magic. It will be so unbelievable.

But again, the secret is to believe right? It was meant to be this way for you and you totally deserve it. So celebrate your own self, give yourself the happiness that you deserve, and soon things will start happening for you.

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