Mega List of Affirmations You Can Use

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For the people who don’t know what affirmations are, I’ll explain it first.

Affirmations are positive statements you say to yourself. The goal when using affirmations is to change something. Affirmations are used to rewire your brain to think differently. To think like how you want it to think.

We are being programmed every day and this default everyday programming is not good enough for us. Especially if we want success.

So you’d want to reprogram your own mind. You’d want to create your own mindset and change your own habits so you make sure you’re more “fit to work” for your dreams.

How to use affirmations

I recommend not choosing a lot from this big list. 2 to 3 affirmations from a single category, and a max of 2 categories per 90 days. So that’s a max of 6 affirmations you want to use every 90 days.

Why 90 days?

Imagine a pail of water, every affirmation said for 5 minutes will drop a red dye to the pail of water. And a single drop won’t change the color of the water, it won’t be enough. So you must do affirmations, again and again, 60 to 90 days. You can test out results after 60 days and see if it was good enough for you. Or you can go all out and continue until the 90th day.

For example:

I am a great catch. I am confident and I can stand for myself. I am an honest and loving person.

I am a successful person. I take action and fulfill my goals efficiently. I will always find a way to make my dreams work.

Those two lines are from 2 different categories, confidence and life success. That’s about how much you can affirm to yourself every 90 days. You don’t want your brain to be all confused about what to believe.

Say these affirmations for 5 minutes, 90 days in a row. And you’ll be good.

If you want to create your own affirmations, just remember these.

Make it positive. Make it clear, don’t confuse your mind. If possible, don’t use negative words, we want positivity. Try to start with I am.

Now, with the list.

General Affirmations:

  1. Every day, in every way, I’m getting better, better, and better.
  2. I am improving myself in ways I haven’t tried before.
  3. I am growing as a better person every day.
  4. I am getting better at the things I love to do.
  5. I love my life as it is right now.
  6. I am happy and I can easily see happiness around me.
  7. I can easily see positivity around me.
  8. I am a positive and happy person.
  9. I can easily see the good in every circumstance.
  10. I can see the silver lining in every challenge I face.
  11. I can be better, and I am getting better.
  12. I am changing for the good and that’s great.
  13. I have the capability to be more than I am now.
  14. I face challenges with a positive attitude.
  15. I am doing the best that I can, in each and every moment.

Relationship/Dating Affirmations

  1. I am honest, committed, and faithful.
  2. I am a great catch.
  3. I am confident and I am lovable.
  4. I am a great partner.
  5. I am fun to be with and people like me.
  6. I am a great conversationalist.
  7. People love it when they talk to me.
  8. I am great at making relationships work.
  9. I love my partner and I show it to them.
  10. I am great at communicating my feelings.
  11. I am sweet, funny, and lovable.
  12. I am understanding, forgiving, and committed.
  13. I am comfortable with a commitment.
  14. I am empathetic and I can socialize well.
  15. I am great at showing affection.

Financial Success Affirmations

  1. I am rich and getting richer.
  2. I see opportunities to earn more money, and I do what it takes.
  3. I earn money by providing value to people.
  4. I do what I love and money comes to me automatically.
  5. I have what it takes to be financially successful.
  6. I can take calculated risks if that’s what it takes to be successful.
  7. I can work and I am productive. I get a lot of things done.
  8. I reach my goals with ease because I take lots of action.
  9. I am successful and becoming more successful every day.
  10. Success is coming to me and I welcome it completely.
  11. I grow in life, and I grow in success, every single day.
  12. I know my passion and I make profits from it.
  13. I love what I do and I do what I love.
  14. Success is coming to me from everywhere.
  15. I see opportunities for money wherever I look.

Health Affirmations

  1. I love exercising and I enjoy it completely.
  2. I eat healthy food and I love how they taste.
  3. I make the right food choices every single time.
  4. I make sure I have some physical exercise every single day.
  5. I make time for my fitness routines.
  6. I have a great body and I am confident about it.
  7. I love how my body looks and it’s getting even better.
  8. I love going to the gym and it motivates me to stay fit.
  9. I eat the right foods, and I am healthy because of it.
  10. I take action to take care of my health and fitness.
  11. I am energetic beyond my wildest dreams.
  12. I have a lot of energy because I exercise every day.
  13. I make sure I complete my sleep every night.
  14. I take proper rest when needed, and I exercise well when I need to.
  15. I know how to take care of my own body.

That will be all of them for now. Remember, use them correctly. Feel them, be positive, and always talk in the present.

Mark your calendar if you need to track the 90-day progress you make.

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