Mindfulness Meditation – How To

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What is mindfulness meditation?   

Mindfulness is the state of being presently aware of everything. It means, if possible, using all our 5 senses to be all active and in a state of awareness.   

It’s doesn’t mean that the only time you have to be mindful is when you’re meditating. You can be mindful when walking by feeling the ground, feeling your shoes, hearing the birds. You can also be mindful while cooking by smelling the food, etc.   

How? Simply by tuning in with your senses.   

So, how does all this relate to mindfulness meditation?   

When meditating, you sit without moving for a few to several minutes. During that time, your mind will have a tendency to wander off. Your mind will go to places even without your intervention. That’s the nature of the mind. Sometimes it’ll feel like it’s not yours because it does things on its own.   

But when you practice mindfulness while meditating…  

…you won’t have any problems with your mind wandering off. You’ll have to accept its nature. You’ll have to be okay with it.   

You’re an observer when you’re doing mindfulness meditation. You’re observing how you feel, how you think. It’s like going out of yourself and look at yourself from the outside. Without any attachment.    

But let’s get in to why first. Why should you do mindfulness meditation?   

Time and time again, it has been proven and tested through studies…  

Meditation and mindfulness meditation can help do the following:   

  • Reduces Anxiety   
  • Helps Manage Body Pains, Even Chronic Ones   
  • Lowers Stress Levels   
  • Increases Day to Day Awareness and Attention   
  • Get Better Sleep   
  • Helps You Lose Weight   

Now, how to actually meditate mindfully?   

First, make sure that you will try to make this a habit for at least 5 to 10 days when you’re starting out.   

Because you won’t feel any difference if you’ll only do this once or twice.   

  1. Then give a time of the day, maybe after waking up.   
  2. Then set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes.    
  3. Sit up straight, making sure you’re up straight, while still feeling comfortable. Don’t be too stiff.   
  4. Before closing your eyes, you may want to observe your environment. Name 5 things that you can see. Look at the texture, the shape, the lighting, the shadows. Is it rough? Is it round? Is it rectangular?   
  5. This can help you be in tune with your surroundings.   
  6. Then close your eyes. Take deep breaths. Observe your breathing. As you can see, all you need to do is be mindful and observe what’s happening.   
  7. Follow your breaths from your nostrils to your lungs, then from your lungs out to your mouth.     
  8. Now, on this point, your mind may start to wander off and do things on its own. Let it be. Focus on your breathing for now.   
  9. After settling down on your breath, listen to 5 things you can hear. The fan, the traffic outside, or your own breath. This can help you be more in tune with your sense of hearing.   
  10. Then if you can smell something, try to be aware also.   
  11. Then start a body scan. Start from your head down to your toe. Feel how your scalp feels, then relax it. Feel how your face feels, then relax. Feel your clothes touching your body, feel your body touching the chair or the bed, feel your weight. Feel your feet on the floor, etc. Basically, be mindful of how you feel.  
  12. You are now maybe in the 4 to 5-minute mark of your timer.   
  13. You can now let your mind wander and observe it. See your thoughts as clouds, you can’t do anything to it but just watch. You can identify thoughts and name them, but don’t try to stop them. As you can’t stop clouds from forming or moving.   
  14. Or you can just settle in more deeply to the relaxed body you have currently by this time.   

Now, as a beginner, you might find it difficult to remember all these steps at the first go.   

And while mindfulness meditation is one of the best types of meditation…   

There are simpler ones.   

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